Resident Evil: Afterlife

Yesterday I decided to go see Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D which is the newest installment in the Resident Evil series. While watching the commercials for the movie I saw that Wesker made an appearance in this installment. This made me curious to see how this character was going to be portrayed and made this a must see for me. In the first few minutes of the film you can tell that his character is rather corny and not as cool as they make him the the Resident Evil games. He is rather dry and reminds me of a character from a SyFi channel original.  Anywho…… Wesker aside I enjoyed the movie. Since the beginning of the series we see that the movies don’t really follow the games.  They introduce characters and likenesses but it’s just not the same.  They have some returning characters from previous films and some new faces are being introduced to the series.  I have seen all the movies in the series and I enjoyed them all despite the fact that it doesn’t truly follow the canon of the original story.  Sometimes you have to take yourself away from the source material to enjoy something.  I may have a totally different view than many Resident Evil fans (purist even).  If you are a fan of Resident Evil in any way I suggest seeing this movie. It is at the lease entertaining.


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