First Impressions: Enslaved

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down and spend some time with the Enslaved demo. Now for a quick and dirty synopsis of what I think so far.

Story: There wasn’t too much that I could get about the story from the demo. I do know that it is based off of the Chinese novel “Journey to the West” just like many other stories in video games and anime (Dragon Ball). What I got from my short time with the game is that you play as two characters throughout the story (Monkey and Trip) that were captured to become slaves and you need to get the hell out of dodge. The demo takes place as you attempt to escape this air ship before it’s too late. Everything else you can find out for yourselves.

Visuals: The first thing you notice when you start this game is the way it looks. The world that it’s set in is beautiful and full of color. It definitely shows that the current gen systems are not yet at the end of their life spans. In some ways it visually resembles Heavenly Sword (take a look at the main female protagonist). The character designs are very detailed and unique. The visuals in the game will definitely¬† keep your attention.

Controls: Once you take control of Monkey you will notice that the controls are a little touchy. They weren’t horrible, but they will take some getting used to. I’m sure that there were some game settings that I could have tweaked to make the experience more enjoyable but I didn’t feel that they took that much from the game. Sensitive controls aside, traversing through the world is very fluid. The controls are overall simple and easy to understand.

Game Play: As far as the demo goes you won’t see anything new here. At it’s base level it can be considered a hack and slash. I would compare it to Devil May Cry (with brighter colors). I was not allowed to go to deep into the combo system but it all felt really intuitive. Outside of the combat system there is some Prince of Persia like game play. Although you don’t play get a chance to take control of Trip in the demo, it is shown in game play videos that she tags along with Monkey throughout the story.

Overall I can say that I am excited to play more of this game. Now I just need someone to buy it for me :).


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