What’s up with the Xbox360 Sound?

Has anyone noticed the sound of their game fading in and out while in a party chat?  It seems that the new audio codec has some special features.  jmicheal88 noticed this first, he thought something was wrong with his HDMI cable.  On the contrary.  This morning in party chat, I noticed that every time voice came over loudly in the chat… the game volume decreased!  Wow,… looks like  they took some tips from the mobile phone industry on this one.  The effect is very similar to when you receive an email on your iPhone or Android phone while listening to music….

Kudos to Microsoft for this. The phasing up and down of volume can be a bit jarring if your Xbox Live Party conversation is choppy.  Now I’m headed back to the dashboard to see if you can toggle this in the settings anywhere….

UPDATE:  Found it… The dashboard update includes the option to control voice volume and game volume. If you want this to stop, just go increase your game volume setting in the dashboard.  Take a look @ what’s on Xbox.com’s support site:



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