Dead Ops Arcade unlock within Black Ops

There is an abundance of game within Call of Duty: Black Ops proper. A single player campaign, the usual robust multiplayer, and zombies were probably enough for my $60. But Treyarch didn’t stop there. Treyarch added a computer that you can access in the interactive main menu. Full of text, pictures, emails, and user files that flesh out the story. But the big bonus is Dead Ops Arcade. DOA is a top-down twin-stick shooter a la Geometry Wars where you kill zombies while collecting new gun power-ups. Coming from a person that didn’t care for Call of Duty 3, and didn’t purchase Call of Duty: World at War because the beta was enough for me, Treyarch is making it hard for me to experience any buyer’s remorse. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Dead Ops Arcade unlock within Black Ops

  1. I don’t mind the Black Ops Zombies mode but to be honest I was really hoping for an Area 51 mini game to be added. And theres been a breach and its your mission to contain the aliens from leaving the facility.
    Or they could have had an alien invasion and you have to move through a campaign style game fighting aliens in the street like Resistance.

    • I agree. The whole zombie thing is getting pretty old. And I never played the original game in World at War. However, even though the zombies game doesn’t fit, I don’t know what I would think if I saw aliens in a call of duty game. I think that would be a better premise for a new IP….maybe that rumored Call of Duty space game that Sledgehammer was rumored to be making. Good thoughts Daniel.

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