Killzone 3 Beta on PSN Feb. 2nd

Announced today on The Official Playstation Blog, the Killzone 3 OPEN beta will be available for download Wednesday, February 2nd for North America.  The beta will be open from Feb. 2nd – 14th with Playstation Move and 3D support.

The beta will consist of one map, “Frozen Dam” and four multiplayer modes:

Guerrilla Warfare – 16 Player Team Deathmatch

Operations – 16 Player “story-based gameplay….the ISA must try to secure the docks and destroy the dam, while the Helghast must try to protect the dam facility”

Botzone – 1 Player and 15 Bots….enough said

More details about the beta to come soon.  Killzone 3 will be released on February 22nd in North America for the Playstation 3.

Source: Playstation.Blog

Image: Flickr – Playstation.Blog


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