New Sony PSP NGP

For all of you who don’t already know, Sony has just announce the new PSP NGP. NGP stands for Next Generation Portable. People have been waiting on this for a long time now and it looks like the fans will not be disappointed. Let’s take a look at some of the features:

-CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)

-GPU: SGX543MP4+

-5 inch OLED screen

-Dual Analog Sticks (Finally)

-3G and Wifi Capable

-Front and Rear Touchpads

-Front and Rear Cameras

-Motion Control

-Three Axis Compass and GPS

Sony seems to be answering a lot of the requests from the gamers. There have also been reports of PS3 like graphics. If this is the case, how will this affect cost? This seems to be a feature rich device but could this possibly cost as much as a Playstation 3? I definitely don’t doubt it. This company has been know for some crazy prices in the past. Maybe they will try to match the prices of the 3DS. It may be a necessity in order to knock the king of handhelds from it’s thrown.

No one knows if the new PSP will have 3D capabilities or if it even necessary. We know that Sony has a hit out for Nintendo but statements have been made about Apple and the iPhone. It seems like we will see a lot of interesting things happening in mobile gaming.

I personally am waiting on a price before I get too excited. What do you all think?



Spike Video Game Awards – Studio of the Year

Bioware wins studio of the year on the Video Game Awards. With games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, how can you argue. Good Job Bioware… the way. I wonder what their new game will be? Will it be a MMO as some have speculated…..Maybe the next Mass Effect. I will be staying tuned to find out.


Mario 64 on iPhone 4!

We have seen Mario 64 running smoothly on jailbroken iOS4! If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, google it. 🙂 We’ve all seen gaming on mobile phones but this was exciting to see. Just think… these games once needed a console and a cartridge an it is now I’m the palm of your hand! Mario 64 seems to be the smoothest running N64 game I’ve seen on the device. Check it out:

Now, where the iPhone lacks is the absence of a keyboard… While this was the coolest feature back in 2007 when the iPhone launched, it is limiting when gaming on the mobile device. You either end up with buttons over your image or only using half the screen like you see above.

I was excited to see that the save feature worked also. And I’m not talking about save states but actually in game saves! The gyroscope and accelerometer are also used for camera adjustment controls.

Awesome stuff. The lack of an analog stick was missed when trying to run in a full circle but HEY playing Mario 64 on a phone is cool enough!

The mobile gaming industry ( The PSP, DS etc) has already been threatened by mobile phone devices. As far as graphics and processing speed, this is proof that they can hang with the best!

What Am I Playing: Zenonia

I haven’t had much time to play games lately because of working, gym, and gf time. These things have caused me to put Halo: Reach and BioShock on the back burner for a while. I know this sounds sad to so many people but it’s ok. I have found refuge in a little device named the IPhone. This past week there were a crap ton of sales in the app catalog. Being as cheap as I am I didn’t capitalize on all of the sales, but I did come across one little gem. Zenonia is a real time role playing game created by Gamevil for the IPhone and Android devices.

Zenonia is a mash up of Zelda and Final Fantasy with a little PokeMon sprinkled on top. In the story you play as a young man named Regret (hell of a name). At the start of the game he is found in the middle of a battlefield and raised by a soldier. I haven’t made it through much of the story but I don’t want want to spoil any of it for those who decide to pick up this game. Like I stated before the game is in real time and the combat system is very similar to Zelda. With combat being in real time, controls are key in this game and so far this is my only gripe with this game. First of all the IPhone doesn’t have any physical buttons so at times i was tapping the screen frantically not knowing where my fingers were placed. This is something you cannot really blame on the game. Any game on a touch screen device is going to be this way. The one thing that I do think could have been worked on a little more is the directional pad. At times it could be a little finicky and unresponsive. That’s where my negativity ends with this game.

This game is visually stunning with bright and vibrant colors. The look and feel bring me back to when I first played games like Zelda and PokeMon for the first time. The environments are rich and detailed and unique. The menu systems and upgrade systems are well designed and laid out in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. Zenonia is a simple game that can become more complex the more your progress in the game. The complexity of combining items and upgrading abilities is a perk for me in this game. Gamers are always looking for something that is easy to pick up and play but also has some type of depth that keeps them coming back to play more.

I could go on talking about this game forever but I would rather you go out and try it for yourself. I am having a great time with this title and I believe any lover of old school rpgs will do the same. When I downloaded this game it was it wasn’t too expensive. If you enjoy this game there is a sequel available in the App Catalog. Until next time…..Stay frosty my friends.