The DPAD Life Podcast: Episode 1

Since development of our new website ( is taking a little longer to polish to our liking, we thought it would be a good idea to post our first podcast so you can partake in the cast’s musings of gaming.  In our inaugral episode of what we call “The DPAD Life” we talk about the differences of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Medal of Honor, Heavy Rain issues, World of Warcraft, remembering The Matrix Online, Playstation Move, Halo: Reach spoilers abound (timestamp: Part 2 @ 10:40 – 10:50) and much, much, more!

Because of audio issues we had to split the podcast into two .mp3 files, hopefully we’ll fix that in later recordings.

The DPAD Life: Episode 1 – Part 1

The DPAD Life: Episode 1 – Part 2

(both recorded on 12/20/2010)