Call of Duty: Black Ops Midnight Launch

Monday night a few of the Digital DPad/STL Gamer Crew made it out to the Black Ops launch event at GameStop. The paring lot was filled with nerds, energy drinks, marines, and excitement. While we were anxiously waiting for midnight Smoov LT shared what he is looking forward to the most in this new installment in the Call of Duty Series. ( I just noticed how weird I sound on camera )

I’m sure that there are many gamers that are happy to know that both juggernaut and stopping power are gone from the multi-player. This is going to really level the playing field. I ( JMichael88/J Deisel ) have not purchased the game as of yet but I am excited to play this weekend.


Call of Duty Black Ops Review and Launch Event

Coverage from the midnight release in Buckhead, GA¬† ( Atlanta if you didn’t know ūüôā )¬† Like most places around the nation the GameStop event started at 9pm EST, an hour earlier than my compadres in Saint Louis.

It was a smaller launch than you’ve probably seen around the web but still a good time with gamers and COD lovers alike. They provided the most unhealthy food ever, considering we were all going to rush home and sit on the couch for hours and play Black Ops….¬†¬†¬† HOT DOGS!!!!!¬†¬† Basically anything you needed to keep yourself jacked up all night (Mountain Dew, Candy, Chips etc)¬† I did not partake in the hotdogs but I did have enough chips and candy to be ashamed of.

I was 3rd in line!¬† Most folks didn’t show up until the 10 o’clock hour and you could see that the immediately regretted it. The line grew to the entire length of the strip mall within an hour or so…

I must say I was pleased to see all types of people there.¬† It really proves that “there is a soldier in of all of us”.

Everyone, young, old, military, martial arts experts were there in anticipation of this much awaited title. My wife wouldn’t have been a fan of standning outside in the not so warm weather so KUDOS to the wives I saw out there pretending to be interested enough to endure.

There were raffles and give aways. One couple won a COD wallet and then with the same ticket¬† won a Gears of War wallet…… not sure why they didn’t remove you once you’ve won.¬†¬† Hrmmmm.


This guy won a Call of Duty: Black Ops T-Shirt!

There was an¬† “I love Zombies” T-shirt as well.¬† Good times good times.

My first impressions of Call of Duty: Black Ops was a bit jarring… I had stopped playing Modern Warfare 2 for Halo Reach so I was a bit rusty on the side of fast paced realistic shooters…. plasma rifle anyone?? ¬† So I’ll admit, I got my @#%^ handed to me for he first couple of matches… but the maps were gorgeous!¬†¬† So I hoped out of the multiplayer and warmed up in the all new ‘Combat Training’ mode.¬† This was an excellent way to get used to the maps and get the lay of the land.¬†¬† The only drawback to combat training is that it requires a network connection since it is found in the XBOX LIVE section of the menus.¬†¬† Speaking of menus the opening menus is just….. its just… well awesome.. buy the game and you’ll see.¬† Anyway, I digress.

After warming up I felt like I was at home again, and eventually earned enough COD credits to buy a red dot sight and really start pwning.¬†¬† I love the currency system!! No more do you get rewarded for using a gun¬† for 10 hours. Instead, you can earn enough credits with the gun you love and simply purchase the upgrade for the new gun you want to try.¬† This gives the player a much better feeling of ownership with their classes.¬† Your set up is truly yours based on what you’ve decided to buy rather than just what level you are at the given moment.¬† There is a prestige mode so prepare to have this fun over and over again, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

Many will say Call of Duty Black Ops doesn’t “feel” like Modern Warfare 2.¬† My response to that is…. should it???¬† I mean i expected it to be different, and I for one think its better. I find my self less frustrated.¬† Shots seem to kill the person rather than giving me a hit marker just to see my enemy sprint away.¬† This could be due to the fact that the juggernaut perk is no where to be found in Black Ops.¬† HOOORAY!!!! no more getting cheated out of a kill because your enemy has a magical floating plus sign!¬† There is a “Hardened” perk which increases your bullet penetration but it says nothing about increasing bullet damage.¬† Treyarch’s decision to remove these “damage modifiers” really gives the game a balanced feel.¬† This welcomes newcomers as it doesn’t promote that feeling of¬† “WTF!?¬† I shot him first!” on your first match. Sniper rifles actually kill people….. hmmmmmm imagine that.¬†¬† No more shooting a guy in the chest with a 50 cal sniper rifle and watching him live to tell the tale.¬†¬† I’m not sure if the 50 cal is included in Black Ops but if it is prepare to see people taking dirt naps.

I’m excited about the new modes¬† Wager Match, and some of the new playlists including Bare Bones, which includes a mode called PURE¬† ( no perks, no attachments, no special equipment, no kill streaks)¬† giving you that good old feeling we got back in the Call of Duty 2 Days.¬†¬† Many of the playlists are unlocked as you level up. This is good as it prevents noobs from playing more challenging game types like Hardcore until they have played the game enough to be ready.

There are more things to look forward to like having a custom reticle  (eg. a scull instead of a red dot)   Or posting my clan tag on my gun so everyone knows the final kill was us!

I could talk all day about this game look into some of the new modes on

Overall  Call of Duty Black Ops is a solid addition to the franchise and will keep COD lovers playing until the next one!  See you on my next kill streak!

Jason Thompson | TheImpetuousOne