New Batman: Arkham City Trailer featuring Hugo Strange

There’s a new Batman Arkham game coming out Fall 2011. I don’t have much to say about the games because I’ve never played them before. But this one looks pretty good and It’s got me thinking of getting the others so I’ll be caught up in the storyline. Maybe Hugo Strange will be the new villian in The Dark Knight Rises too!


Aaaaahhhhmmm Baaaaaacccckkkkk

Finally was able to fix my Xbox 360 woes, my Xbox has been out of commission for some time now. About two months and it was a very very painful two months. With titles like Fable 3 “if anybody knows me, I love the Fable series” and the new Star Wars game dropping I was really in a bad mood about not having an Xbox. Not to mention the $100 price tag Microsoft tried to make me pay to fix my old console.

$100 and a new Xbox costs $300? So I saved and was able to get the new Xbox “minus kinect” on Friday and i love it. You can’t even hear it while it’s running. This thing is SILENT! Oh, and the built-in wifi is a great touch too! Yep, So…. I was able to get a brand new Xbox right before the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty Black Ops. I’ll be getting Black Ops on release day and I’m ready to get it in!

Add me on XBL. Gamertag Barack Odrama X.

p.s. I’ll also be picking up Fifa 11 “I only play with Inter Milan… Gol! Eto’o!” and maybe NBA2k11 in the near future.

DC Universe Online Trailer

Last week I saw the trailer for the new DC Universe Online game and was blown away. First lemme say, a 6 minute trailer for a videogame? eeek! Most movie trailers aren’t even that long. This is by far the best trailer I’ve ever seen. I’m excited to get my hands on the game, but not looking forward to the possible $15 a month online service fee.

This game is created by Sony and will be exclusive to the PS3 and PC, but they are making attempts to make it cross platform which would be really cool!

Stay tuned for the release date, early 2011.


The story of DCUO is set in the “present day” and the game begins with the arrival of a time-traveling Lex Luthor who has come to warn the Earth about a future battle that kills off the majority of heroes and villains, leaving the planet vulnerable to an invasion by Brainiac.

The cinematic trailer, “Who Do You Trust”,[18] which appears to be the opening sequence of the game, depicts a dark future where Lex Luthor and other villains are engaged in what seems to be a final battle against what’s then left of the Justice League. The future Luthor and his allies (including Deathstroke, Joker and Harley Quinn, Black Adam, Giganta, Metallo, and Circe) battle Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern, and Cyborg. Half of Luthor’s team (Black Adam, Giganta, Metallo, and Deathstroke) are defeated, while Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern are destroyed. Luthor, Joker, Harley, and Cyborg remain while Brainiac‘s ship arrives overhead with an entire alien armada. Back in the present day, this future Luthor tells the Justice League that Braniac then proceeded to eliminate all of the heroes and villains who would attempt to defend Earth from his attack, Luthor remaining as the sole survivor. He stole some of Braniac’s technology in order to return to the present day and inform the heroes.

Luthor sends some form of energy towards the surface of the Earth, which ripples in a shockwave around the geographical locations around Metropolis and Gotham City, and tells the JLA that he has just given them a fighting chance against Brainiac. It turns out that this shockwave is Lex Luthor releasing exobots stolen from Brainiac into earth’s atmosphere. These exobots hold the power to bestow the powers of superheroes or supervillains upon anyone they come into contact with. Luthor hopes that this will give Earth a fighting chance against Brainiac’s invasion.